MOOCs = Skinner’s Box 2.0?

blackBoxA radical high school teacher came up with the title.

Last year his class ran under his experimental class operating system in stealth mode. Howard Rheingold, Jerry Michalski, and others, myself included, have dropped by. The teacher will uncloak soon to reveal an interdisciplinary approach where students select what to learn from Open Education resources. Learning is experiential and self-directed.

We had scant time to talk because I’m under the gun completing a project but I immediately “got it” because I’d seen the same approach in business. This is Steve Denning’s concept of Radical Management applied to schools with a bit of Daniel Pink enlightenment stirred in. #1, delight the customer. #2 = see #1. Throw in the responsiveness of peer networks, the ability to prototype for pennies and ride the wave of complexity instead of fighting it.

Trust your customers/students. Empower them. You can’t lecture people into having sound values and acquiring the thinking skills to deal with complexity

Lots more to come…