2 thoughts on “How short a video?”

  1. 50 seconds is to long, much to long. If you analyze your video you will find that the first 20 seconds and the last five second are not topic related. You can cut and delete them. Your video will be reduced to 27 seconds,

    30 seconds will be the max that is accepted in 2020. You have reached the goal.

    There are several other areas where we reduced the amount of time of information transfer: Nobody will hear and concentrate on any message that is longer than what you can say during your stay in the elevator (see elevator pitch). Pecha kucha reduced the length of each presentation to 6 minutes 40 seconds and 20 seconds per slide.
    See also the history of broadcast. In the 50s of last century radio moderators talked 55 minutes about an issue. Without any music break. When I worked in German radio scene in the 80s public broadcast cutted at 3 minutes 30. Commercial broadcast brought up the limit of 1 minute 30 for a topic in 90s (calculate: 1 minute 30 are exact 90 seconds). In consequence first decade of the century has a max of 10 seconds for a message.

    And if we think the consequences schools have a huge potential of time saving. In the first step primary schools are minimized to two years, 6-semester-university programs will be reduced to 2-3 semesters depending on the relevance of the program.

    A university professor told in blog that a 90 minutes session easily could be reduced to 10 minutes of recording.

    Uff. And now?
    What did we win if we reduce all and everything? What is the function of redundancy, of repeating in other words? Why did we need context related information? What is the function of rhetorical questions? Why did we make loops in interesting speeches? All nonsense? Well, than we can cut it off.

  2. Working in nursing education online environment we are faced with just this topic everyday. How can each topic be condensed to 30 sec? This is a challenge for each of us. I believe we have all noted in not only our students but society as a whole, the decline in attention span and we are indeed following that as educators.

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