Jon Kabat Zinn

I bailed out of the Wisdom 2.0 conference Main Stage events yesterday afternoon and missed the opportunity to see Jon Kabat Zinn, whom I only know from his books and tapes: Jon is a god. I revere him. He moves mountains. So I was elated to find this recording of his presentation this morning.

The Good: Jon takes us into meditation, overviews the global mindfulness phenomenon, gives a characteristic uplifting message and call to action, gets you in a mood to finally start meditating daily, challenges you to be present and know what you are doing. It’s enchanting.

The Bad:
It’s 41 minutes long. I am one of Jon’s true believers. I struggled to keep up with Jon’s mile-a-minute wisdom. You may want to sample. Cut him off every now and againĀ for a breather. Here are my as of the moment notes. Good luck deciphering; think of it as meditation.