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Books I really enjoyed:

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POW climbs forbidden mountains and ends up advisor to the Dalai Lama.Seven Years in Tibet, Heinrich Harrer
If you hate Rush, you'll love Al. Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot, Al Franken
Outrageiously funny tales of Florida, roadkill,, gators. Carl is wonderfully funny.Skin Tight and Tourist Season, Carl Hiassen
True tale of food fights at the trading desk of Salomon Brothers. Liar's Poker, Michael Lewis
Po's first comic novel, a zany Liar's PokerBombadiers, Po Bronson
The graphic designer's inspirationThe Visual Display of Quantitative Information, Edward Tufte
Absolutely billiant take on what's going onNew Rules for the New Economy, Kevin Kelly
Visionary works on what makes business tickFuture Perfect and Blur, Stan Davis
Investment guru circles the globe on BMW motorcycle with tall blonde and capital to betInvestment Biker, Jim Rodgers
Keep the customer happyOn Great Service, Leonard Berry
A must for new parentsOperating Instructions, Anne Lamott
Bits not atomsBeing Digital, Nicholas Negroponte
Hilarious tale of tobacco, alcohol, and gun lobbyistsThank You for Smoking, Christopher Buckley
Why indexes beat brokersBogle on Mutual Funds, John Bogle
Savers become investorsA Piece of the Action, How the Middle Class Became the Money Class, Joseph Nociera
Sun, great food, charm, and truffles among the Frogs of the SouthA Year in Provence, Peter Mayle
Acid with Ken Kesey: You are threre! Fanstastic languageElectric Kool Aid Acid Test, Tom Wolfe
Read these before you go to Spain or HawaiiIberia and Hawaii, James Michener
Bullfighter El Cordobes & the Spanish Civil WarOr I'll Dress You in Mourning, Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre
Ross Perot hires commandos and helicopters to rescue employees from Tehran jailsOn Wings of Eagles, Ken Follett

Aristocratic debaucheryA Dangerous Liaison
, Baroness Sheri de Borchgrave
Sex with Keith Moon, Don Johnson, and many many othersI'm With the Band: Confessions of a Groupie, Pamela Des Barres
Hunter's first. He gets stomped.Hell's Angels, Hunter Thompson

and mysteries by New Orleans funJulie Smith, Berkeley funSusan Dunlap, A is for A Long SeriesSue Grafton, Crocodiles. Laugh your ass offCarl Hiaassen, some "...the _____?"Elmore Leonard

Caution: List not updated since at least 2000.

Reviews & Summaries

Books about time
Power of Mindful Learning
Time and the Art of Living
The User Illusion
Spiritual Serendipity
The Muse in the Machine
Healing & Beyond ADD
Management Challenges for the 21st Century

"So many books, so little time...."

Jay's favorite never-ending sentence:

"Muriel read on [from TV Guide]: 'Daddy Promised Us Salami and Eggs, the Cunning Pragmatist' -- a guy who's out one day innocently having a chicken chimichanga all by himself at a restaurant politely excused himself from the table and goes to the men's room and someone sidles up to him at the urinal and injects him in the right buttock with a powerful designer drug that leaves him cataleptic but fully sentient and sells him for $100,000 to the Museum of Natural History where he's dressed as a Netsilik Eskimo and imprisoned in a glass-encased exhibit with a paraffin Netsilik woman and six paraffin huskies who are harnessed to a low-rider sled with hydraulic runners and a scrimshaw steering wheel and to ensure that he does not waste away, he's given intravenous nutrients every night by a horrible man with rotten teeth who reeks of cheap schnapps, and his son and his daughter-in-law do absolutely nothing to notify either the police or the media, which confirms his original suspicion that they are accessories to his abduction and partook of a portion of the $100,000, and the greedy amoral bastards have the temerity to bring his sweet grandson Douglas to the museum to gawk and gesticulate at him -- starring Brian Keith, Buddy Ebsen, Nipsey Russell, and Lesley Ann Warren."

from My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist by Mark Leyner

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