September 2005

Dear Jay,

Here's the latest from Internet Time Group, the Workflow Institute, and Emergent Learning Forum. We're teaming up this month to save both of us time.

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    Tomales Bay

    Join us for a management retreat on the scenic Northern California coast October 9-11, 2005. If you are always on the go, you never have time to reflect. Absent reflection, experience teaches few lessons. Crisis management crowds out leadership. Quick fixes take the place of lasting solutions. The future comes as a jarring surprise. Two dozen senior executives will leave day-to-day worries behind long enough to engage in intimate conversation about talent five to ten years out. We will share our beliefs, hopes, and concerns about acquiring and keeping the right people with the right talents in the right functions to attain and keep a position of excellence. Only three places remain. Email or call Jay if you want to know more.

    Workflow Institute News
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    Workflow Institute has shelved plans for nationwide workshops and a certification program in favor of small, personalized engagements with major organizations that consider themselves early adopters (or at least early experimenters). Typically, Workflow Institute staff are on-site for two days, explaining concepts, assessing conditions, and gauging the potential payback of implementing workflow learning processes. Give-and-take conversation and problem-solving are proving more helpful than slick one-way presentations. Recent articles: Gloria Gery: In Her Own Words (ISPI Performance Journal 9/2005) The eLearning Summit at George Mason University. Video of Jay Cross, Gary Dickleman, Harvey Singh, Wayne Hodgins, Michael Littlejohn, Duane Deghler, Etienne Wenger, Ben Watson, Clark Aldrich, and others discussing workflow learning and related topics.

    Workflow Institute Blog
    Online Educa Berlin

    December 1 & 2, we'll be back in Berlin for the world's largest international eLearning conference. This year, 350+ speakers from an amazing 44 countries will take part. This will be my fourth Online Educa. If you don't know the international market, I urge you to join me at Online Educa. The entire program is in English. If you want to know more about Berlin or the event, ask the president of Internet Time Group, my wife Uta, a native German who attended with me last year, for answers to your questions. Email: uta (at) On December 1, attend the session I'm leading with IBM's Tony O'Driscoll and ASTD's Brenda Sugrue. We will release the results of several research projects on senior executives' assessment of value of learning.

    Informal Learning

    Most corporate learning takes place outside of formal courses and workshops but because it's not a line item in anyone's budget, many corporations leave this informal learning to chance. This leaves a lot, and I mean A LOT, of money on the table. I'm writing a book that I expect to change the way we look at learning forever more. I'm hosting a group of online meetings ("salons") to discuss the topic. If you'd like to take part, email me, telling me what aspect you're intersted in and what time of day works best for you; I'll invite you to an upcoming salon.

    Recent Articles & Opinions

    The Learner Lifecycle Useful Things Extreme Learning: Decision Games Another Pattern Language The Future of Learning (video)

    Emergent Learning Forum

    Emergent Learning Forum is dormant while I research my book. It will come back to life, fully rested, later this year. In the meantime, the eLearning Forum is going great guns! Come to our next meeting on September 21. I'll be sharing preliminary findings on informal learning at the Microsoft Campus in Silicon Valley 9-11 am.

    eMerging eLearning in Abu Dhabi

    I chair the steering committee of the eMerging eLearning Conference that will take place in late November in United Arab Emirates. The UAE intends to leap into 21st century public education much as countries without telephone wires go directly to cellular. The opportunity to make a real difference is exciting! Things like this fit the model of what I'd like to do from now on: carry a portfolio of activites, among them ambassador for corporations and government agencies, author of white papers and strategic statements, and the Johnny Appleseed of informal learning.

    eMerging eLearning 2005
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