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News Release, September 8, 2004

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Press Release

Attend E-Gov's E-Learning conference and receive an exclusive in-depth research report written by Sam Adkins, a learning technology analyst and conference keynote, entitled, "Fast Forward: Emerging Learning Technology Trends in the Government." Sam identifies emerging product patterns for completely new types of learning technologies, with a particular focus on the public sector environment. His gift for product pattern recognition allows him to identify emerging technology trends.

Don't miss Sam's keynote on Friday, October 17 at 12:15 pm, where he will discuss these custom research findings and enterain audience questions.


The e-learning industry is on a collision course with the enterprise application (EA) industry. SAP, Siebel and PeopleSoft now offer integrated learning management system (LMS) modules in their EA suites. IBM has three new Web-services-ready enterprise components: an LMS, a learning content management system (LCMS) and a virtual classroom. This product development has occurred within the last year.
     Web services will allow vendors to sell “bite-sized” components and services via the Web. Non-enterprise companies will finally be able to afford enterprise applications.
     With experience in both the eLearning and software industries, Sam Adkins and Jay Cross are the self-appointed "canaries in the coalmine," advising enterprise customers and vendors alike to prosper in the age of Workflow-Based Learning™.
     Are you responsible for aligning your organization’s business strategy, enterprise applications, and workforce performance? You’ve come to the right place. Check the articles below to see how workflow-based frameworks synchronize learning and real-time performance. For the full story, order our latest research.

Workflow-based Learning™

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Pioneers in Learning Innovation

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Our premise

by Sam Adkins, Principal, Samadico

Recent advances in enterprise technology from several industries make the “learn first, perform later” process, inherent in conventional training and elearning, costly and inefficient.  New innovations in enterprise technology can measure performance skills and provide remediation in real time, on the job, and in the context of an employee’s workflow....


Why this matters

by Jay Cross, Founder, Internet Time Group

If the hare and the tortoise were to rerun their famous race, the hare would win. The slack has been knocked out of the system. No one naps. Competition is continuous, and it takes place in real time. Now Web services are forging links between the remaining silos....



Articles by Sam Adkins

The Web Services Manifesto, Learning Circuits, August 2003
Workflow-Based E-Learning:
Next-Generation Enterprise Learning Technology
, Learning Circuits, August 2003
The Dawn of Workflow-based Learning, Internet Time Blog, July 2003
Workflow-based eLearning™ and the Bottom Line, Internet Time Blog, July 2003

The Brave New World of Workflow-based Learning™, T+D magazine, June 2003
Captivated by Captology, Learning Circuits, June 2003
Both Kevins Are Right, Learning Circuits, May 2003
Will Customers Get Derailed by the eLearning Shakeout?, Chief Learning Officer, November 2002


eLearning Forum Session on Enterprise Application Integration with major enterprise and LMS vendors, June 2003. Slides, visuals, real-time notes, summary, photos and informal notes.

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