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One part of the internettime.com site that never grabbed me is the "What's New" page. Dullsville. So dull I'd keep forgetting to update it, thereby confusing my readers.

Cruising around to my favorite sites this evening, I came to Arts & Letters Daily. A&L is always a fun page simply because it contains enough stuff that there are bound to be some things that grab your attention. There must be 300 separate items on the single page. Most are two or three sentences that lead to a link outside.

New material is added to Arts & Letters Daily six days a week.

New links are added at or near the tops of sections, with older ones sliding down the columns accordingly. Most items will continue to be available for three or more days.

Items removed from Arts & Letters Daily are transferred to our 2002 ARCHIVE. As most links will eventually expire, we urge readers who see an item worth keeping to save or print it while the link is still valid.

Here's something I'd missed in earlier readings, a line in the small print at the bottom of the main A&L page: "The Arts & Letters Daily motto, Veritas odit moras, is a line from Seneca’s translation of Sophocles’ Oedipus. It means “Truth hates delay.”

A&L gets 130,000 unique visitors a month and takes in as much as $70,000 a month in ad revenues. I'll probably have 18,000 visitors this month, about 14% of A&L. Could I conceivably drag in $10K a month in ad revenues? Too bad I'm serving a depressed market. For $120K a year, I could spit out a riveting zine.

Back to the concept of using the A&L format as a starting point for a monthly recap of internettime.com. I'll try a few blog entries from the last few days....

A combination of text and relevant graphic improves learning 89% over text-only. Animation with narration (sound) was 80% more effective than animation with written captions. MORE

4,000 designers, developers, and eLearning managers have become members have joined eLearning Guild in its first six months. What's the secret? MORE

This is a day of rememberance throughout the land. Allow me to commemorate Peter Henschel by restating the Institute for Research on Learning's famous seven principles of learning. MORE

Nightmare from 2004: Expo at eLearning Taiwan. You want the entire NETg library? $10. How about SmartForce? $10. Will Learning Objects open Pandora's box? MORE

That's certainly easy to do. A few minutes to cut-and-paste the entries. Given practice, and links to external material, I could whip out something like this in short order.

October 11, 2002, Update


Arts & Letters Daily just folded. The people who bought them, Lingua Franca, took them down when they went bankrupt. Denis Dutton maintained the site in three hours a day. They had 60,000 loyal readers.

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