TechLearn 2002 Objects

Things that struck me as worthy of repeating:

  1. Blended Learning is velcroed together. You can't buy it whole. You design it. Hire a content gatherer.

  2. You must, must, must develop a learning strategy. How long should it be? Thirty pages or a dozen PowerPoint slides.

  3. Dave Barry. DisneyWorld in a hurry: Take your money and throw it over the wall. More realistic: Wait in line, then throw your money over the wall. | Watch The Exploding Whale Video.

  4. ROI is a lot more complex than generating a number. Sometimes you don't need it because it's so apparent. Who bothers with the ROI of air conditioning? Of email? Of loving your child?

  • The guy to the right? I believe he is in the Air Force. Or was.

    1. Elliott's instruction to faculty: "Pretend you're at a big wedding and the two families don't know one another. When you see someone who's not engaged, introduce them to others."

    2. You think you having training needs? Home Depot builds a new store every 40 hours. A new store houses 200 employees who must be able to explain 40,000 products.

    3. Steve Kerr, then at GE, was the first Chief Learning Officer in the world. He was hired as Chief Education Officer. He asked Jack Welch if the company should have 2 CEOs. Welch immediately made Kerr CLO.

    4. McDonald's operates 30,000 outlets in 128 countries. They train 1.5 million people a year. Elliott asked the first thing they'd tell him if he were a new employee. The answer: "Shave." The eLearning portion of Hamburger U is led by this "ethnically neutral" character.

    5. Could learning have prevented the shenanigans at Enron, Andersen,, Tyco, etc.? Paul Hersey says you learn ethics in the family, not on the job. At Enron, at most ten people lied. The remainder were among the most innovative, pioneering, hard-working people in the nation.

    6. Tough times teach good lessons. Acknowledge your current emotions, but be aware that you're going to be glad for those lessons later on.

    7. Here's a view from the stage of several hundred people at 8:15 in the morning, attending our keynote announcing our new book.

    8. Take a deep breath. Again. Again. You are what you are for an instant. Then you join a long line of Previous Me's. Be thankful for the gift of what the Previous Me's have taught you.

    9. Flipcards: The most cost-effective training technology in the entire show.

    10. Write a personal development plan for your career. Find a coach. Be a coach. Get a mentor. Manage your strategic relationships.

    11. Registration desk at Lance's and my hotel.

    12. You had to be there to understand playing the Sumo phone.

    13. Should TechLearn move? First we shape our habits, then our habits shape us. Would a change of venue bring a breath of fresh air? In the comments section below, suggest where you'd like TechLearn to meet in the future. It should be in the U.S. but not in a big city.

    14. Mike Parmentier presents the TechLearn sharable Trip Report. Describing Eileen Clegg's visual journalism, he said, "She captured not what we said, but what we meant."

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