2003! Amazing, isn't it?

One advantage of sitting at the dashboard of one's organization is the ability to steer things however you want, whenever you want.

The "Just Jay" category on this blog, former home of tangential blogposts, sick jokes, and whatever catches my eye, has moved to In line with my belief that timliness is ever more important in our accelerating world, you'll see that I've spliced the Just Jay blog into my personal home page.

I may well do the same with the Internet Time Group home page. Any thoughts on that? Shouldn't the freshesh news appear on the front page?

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"[...] If you write everyday, your writing improves, your thinking improves."
Right on! The magic of blogging revealed at last.
Its brain-training.

    Weblogging is changing our view of the world. Mainly because we are now writing about our own views. Instead of watching the editied for tv version we are taking the time to collect, rearrange, codify and publish our own version of what we see. We are exercizing our brains, making them stronger, linking them with others who are also emerging from the hypnotic depths of mass-media.

    The training wheels are about to come off.

    Make no mistake, Television is only going to get bigger and stronger. It's audience will grown perpendicular to world population. Yes Virginia, a sucker is born every minute.

    And while weblogging won't change the nature of the forces that propell the tube, it will shift some of the money flow.

    The first flow has started, its for the infrastructure and tools. Next we figure out our [renewed] values. Placing a value on anything attracts money.

    I personally don't believe you can place a value on 'content'. No mass medium does, value there is based on access and scarcity.

    The only asset we all own and value is time.

    Blogs are closely related to time. They span time, archive over time and take time to write and read. Time is a big deal.

    Adam Curry

Here's another fellow who is doing something similar, merging blog and homepage.

Adam Curry has something called RSS BoxViewer that appears to let one put chunks of syndicated material wherever you plop in some HTML.

Ben - Content Syndication with RSS

I am warming up to this concept of blog+homepage. Just spiffed up the look & feel of

I will also have reference pages that are blogged.

Posted by Jay Cross at January 1, 2003 01:02 AM | TrackBack

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