Terminator 3

Yesterday I wanted to clear my head so I went down to the local movieplex to watch famous Grazer and potential future governor of California, Arnold Schwartzenegger. In case you've been wondering, Schwartzenegger is German for "black miner."

In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley described a world where "feelies" had replaced movies. Terminator 3 is a step in that direction. The entire film is an adrenaline rush. Like The Fugitive, T3 is one long chase scene, with no chance for a breather. As the terminatrix chased the good guys' pickup and a dozen cop cars in a heavy-duty, super-wide construction crane, trashing cars and buildings and firetrucks in its path, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. Not a minute passes without a horrendous car crash, automatic weapons fire, and an encounter with a menacing robot.

Feelies do take one's mind off day-to-day concerns.

Leaving my bungalow in Guatemala, I bid the housekeeper farewell with Hasta la Vista! Giggling, she replied "Hasta la Vista, Baby." The Terminator movies are a global cultural phenomenon, and I would have gone to see T3 just to hear the bots say "I'll be back."

This episode's bad guy is a gal. It's good to see Hollywood getting with the feminine agenda. Nonetheless, there are a few guy jokes, like the fembot checking her looks in a mirror or her rather erratic driving. Pulled over by a traffic cop, the terminatrix grows Pamela Anderson style boobs to distract his attention.
If you saw T1 or T2, you can imagine the major themes of T3. Robot gets blown up, run over my heavy equipment, decapitated, crushed, and reprogrammed but climbs out of the wreckage to scare the bejeezus out of you again. T3 throws in a new twist: the baddest of the bad guys is not a machine. It's "SkyNet." Software. The bots hatch a virus that invades the Internet, the television broadcasters, and the telephone grid. By the time it takes over the military command-and-control system, SkyNet rules the world. The good guys go to a bunker to blow up the central military computer. They find nothing. The bots have learned from Napster. Their network has no center. It routes around failure. Damn, but these machines are smart.
Should you see this movie? If you're into the Terminator series, Arnold, computer graphic animation, or roller-coaster style thrills, do it. So much action leaves scant time for characterization; this one won't win any best actor Oscars. Compared to the original Terminators, the plot's a bit thin. You might do better to go see Laura Croft.

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