A Day of Shopping and Surfing

360 degree views of Stonehenge. Absolutely stunning.

There's wonderful writing in the blogosphere if you have the pointers to find it. Caterina:

    On the Diminution of Knowledge

    It seems to me that the shadow cast by one's mind, that is, the sphere of knowlege that one's brain may encompass, is finite, has a certain limit, and stays within that limit; that one thing remembered causes another thing to be forgotten; that one carries one's own personal circumference of attention, and that, try as one might, try as I might, that is, I cannot cram more understanding, more thinking, or more knowing into this pre-ordained or self-limited Knowosphere. That someone else knows something and I don't doesn't cause me to relax into the noosphere, though there are certain things I am happy not to know, i.e. I haven't the faintest idea what football team is likeliest to triumph this year, and am satisfied that certain problems, (an understanding of cube roots, fathoming Kant) fall outside the realm of my concern.

I can relate. I've given up on football, cube rootes, and Kant, too.

Today I participated in a demo of Breeze Live, Macromedia's new synchronous technology. Wow. Macromedia was having internal server problems, so Peter Ryce plugged his modem into a phone line and still managed to give a snappy performance.

    The Breeze interface is clean, a minimalist work of art. Breeze compares to the conferencing tools I'm accustomed to. like a Jaguar XKR compares to my Honda Accord. Don't get me wrong. My Accord is a great car. It's virtually maintenance-free. But getting into a Jag, everything is leather, chrome, or walnut burl. It's fast. It look stunning.

    Peter showed us a Breeze presentation (that is, PowerPoint ocnverted to Flash), video that had been converted into Flash (supposedly a push-button operation), hi-res jpg photos, and other content from a library. He flipped into app sharing -- and recorded that vignette for immediate playback. He called up some "Flash Paper," Macromedia's Flashy Acrobat-like tool (except lightweight).

    Tom King clicked open a webcam, quite clear but the size of a large postage stamp. I clicked a link and my webcam shot appeared right next to Tom's. Given that Breeze Live comes with voice over IP, this could be a nifty coaching environment.

    Tom and Peter use the metaphor of a conference room to describe the Breeze Live environment. Unlike conferencing solutions that are over and done with when everyone exits, a Breeze Live Conference Room is persistent. I can go back where we were this afternoon and find the same set-up, the same presentations, the same content library, etc.

I'll report back after I've tried Breeze Live. After all, this was just the demo. (Scroll to last item of the link.)

    Posted by Jay Cross at December 9, 2003 09:15 PM | TrackBack

I think that one must be careful when taking about the capacity of knowelege, humans can retain. Good God, if you could see public schools now a days. I am in one. Yikes. "Where's Spain," I heard that question one day in 12th grade. A 9th Grader asked me what philosophy was. As far as cubed roots, I don't even want to try putting those into my brain. But I do not believe that human knowelege is finite, at all. Rather by exercising are brains regularly, we should be able to build up more space for knowelege.

Posted by: Larry Riordan at December 12, 2003 07:29 AM

That Stonehenge 360 tour is amazing. Always wanted to visit there.

Posted by: homerjay at December 13, 2003 05:58 PM

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