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Yesterday I had lunch with Jinlei Ni, the former CEO of China's Beida-Online.

You've may have heard how China's telephone system leapfrogged poles and wires, heading from zero to cell phones with no intermediate stops.

Business in China is going through the roof, making almost unimaginable gains. Workers at all levels need business skills. Think of eLearning as the cell phone. Imagine leapfrogging instructors, classrooms, and chalk talks.

We may form a community of practice to tackle the challenge. Drop me an email if you'd like to be kept informed.

Posted by Jay Cross at June 22, 2004 10:01 PM | TrackBack

Hi Jay,

Yep, of course! Israel is already doing some good business with China and the opportunities are really immense!!

Please keep me informed.



Posted by: Meir Navon at June 23, 2004 01:25 AM

Please keep me informed.

I am an experienced, certified etc. etc. IT trainer from Europe (Geneva, Switzerland)

One could imagine a smallish group of people with different skill sets (and nationalities) offering "bundled services" for a determined period of time in China (for ex. 6 months)

For ex.
1 network guru
1 Exchange Server guru
1 telecommunications specialist
1 trainer
1 chinese person who can help with language and cultureal differences...

When leaving China, complete the whole thing with on-line e-learning/support documentation etc. for longish-term support so as not leave the new users stranded

The ultimate idea is, of course, to have the Chinese people take care of themselves... but once a relationship is established, there are always more business possibilities later

Although one talks business and money, I have an ethical framework which I would absolutely want to maintain, cooperating - and leaving a good impression.

Such a mission could be fun and enriching for all concerned !

Best regards from Geneva.

Doris Edwards, CEO
MS Micro Solutions sARL

Posted by: Doris Edwards at June 25, 2004 08:02 AM

30 Poppy Lane
Berkeley, California 94708

1.510.528.3105 (office & cell)

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