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Why this community? Organizations implement eLearning to improve the performance of their people. The successful ones gain organizational backing through change management and ground-level support through internal marketing.


We set up this site to build upon the concepts in our book, describe new findings and insights, and give our readers the opportunity to share best practices. Welcome!

Template for Developing an eLearning Implementation Action Plan

Twenty pages of forms, checklists, and text.

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Conference Presentations

Lance & Jay's PowerPoint slides from the ASTD Conference in San Diego, May 2003

Watch the video of Jay and Lance's keynote presentation at TechLearn 2002

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Find out what didn't get into the book. Typos, far-out ideas, and topsy-turvy presentation. This is unedited. From the heart.


Implementing E-Learning

Here Is How To:

Manage the Change to E-Learning
Successfully Market to Learners
Create an Implementation Strategy

by Jay Cross and Lance Dublin

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Tips & Best Practices Examples

Communications plan for NCR University from George Brennan
eLearning Brochure for Pharmacia from Donald Oguin. Also Cafeteria table tents & Poster (pdf)

Decades of Marketing in 5 Minutes from Internet Time Group

Customer Experience Meets Online Marketing at Brand Central Station from Boxes & Arrows

The Marketing FAQs

Survey Says? Identify Your Objectives from HBS Working Knowledge

"Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood." Daniel H. Burnham

Change Management 101 by Fred Nichols

Please contribute to our community. If you're really proud of your team's accomplishments, send your stories and artifacts to us: [email protected] or [email protected]

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