10 most popular posts of 2012


Google Analytics tells me these are 2012’s greatest hits on jaycross.com.


pinkDan Pink’s new book

Dan Pink has written another best seller. (The book won’t be released until December 31 but is already in its third printing.) The U.S. Government reports that one worker in eight is a sales person. Dan disagrees. He thinks we’re all sales people, even though a lot of us are engaged in “non-sales selling.” Instructors, lawyers, doctors, bankers, and you and I spend a lot of Continue reading

Reflecting* on the second half of 2009

*If you are not reflecting, you are not learning. Here are some things I learned from in the past six months.

I bought a Flip HD

The Flip UltraHD camcorder is a breakthrough learning device. Two hours of high-quality video from a cam that slides into your pocket. All for less than $200. Here’s a Continue reading