I am moving the My Documents folders from all of my computers to one Dropbox.

Dropbox is the equivalent of a hard drive in the cloud. I’ve been using the free version (2 GB) for months without any hassles.

Dropbox lets me work on files offline; it syncs when I’m back on the net. It provides Continue reading

Book Pirates

informal learning

Wow. If these guys’ stats are accurate, they’ve downloaded more copies of my book on Informal Learning for free than Pfeiffer has sold!

I have asked my editor for Wiley’s take on this. If someone is giving my books away, I’d rather it be me.

Hacker jerks

Hackers broke into the Internet TIme Blog and Informal Learning Blog sites, leaving a trail of filth and nonsense. It took me about six hours to figure out what was going on. Apparently, WordPress had left a door open that enabled bad guys to inject nasty invisible messages into footers. I usually upgrade Continue reading