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Learning Design

The 18-Step Project Life Cycle
Design & Prototype
Development & Testing

Evaluation & Enhancement
Learning Design

The Five Phase Payback Process can be decomposed more specifically into a total of 18 steps, each associated with specific tasks, milestones, and key project personnel responsible for execution. These steps, while linear in concept, will be overlapping in execution.

Project Phases Milestones Key Responsibilities

1) Research
Analyze training topics and issues, how topics will is taught, and how existing training transfers to interactive format.

Investigate technical variables of implementation, and determine requirements of CBT/WBT technology.

Payback- Specific project plan, scope, timeline, and budget based on findings.

Customer- Sign-off on/revisions to project plan, scope, timeline, and budget.

Payback- Project Manager, Course Designer, Implementation Consultant.

Customer-Project Lead, Technical Resources.

2) Determine Instructional Needs
Interview training staff, subject-matter experts (SMEs), and expert performers to determine training need and understand parameters of the learning audience. Derive specific content and tasks to teach. Preview the context for the CBT/WBT implementation..

Payback-Project Manager, Course Designer.

Customer-Project Lead, Subject-Matter Expert.

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Project Phases Milestones Key Responsibilities

3) Course Design
Specify competencies, learning objectives, and test items. Outline the course and delineate ways in which content that will be taught and tested. Design instruction, learning interactions, themes and treatment, navigation logic, Write Detailed Design Document, which summarizes this total design.

Payback- Detailed design document.

Customer- Sign-off on/revisions to detailed design.

Payback-Course Designer.

Customer-Project Lead, Subject-Matter Expert.

4) Create Prototype
Create rapid prototype, based on a very partial script, of a small piece of the final course. Steps include:

  • Recruit talent to play characters.
  • Write a partial script.
  • Shoot photographs, and record audio (narration and characters).
  • Creating a look-and-feel and sound treatment, and producing graphics, animations, sound effects, and music for the partial script.
  • Produce a prototype of that course segment in Jupiter and test.

Payback- Audition tapes for talent, samples of prototype media (graphics, sound/music).

Customer- Sign-off/revisions to talent to play characters, partial script, interface look-and-feel treatment, and sound/music treatment.

Payback- Project Manager, Writer, A/V Specialist, Graphic Artist, Sound/Music Specialist, Course Producer, QA/Tester.

Customer- Project Lead, Subject-Matter Expert.

5) Conduct Pilot
Perform user testing of the Course Prototype in a one-day pilot.

Payback- Course Prototype for pilot, feedback from pilot participants.

Customer- Decisions on what aspects of pilot feedback to implement.

Payback- Project Manager, Course Designer.

Customer- Sample Learners, Project Lead, Subject-Matter Expert.

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Project Phases Milestones Key Responsibilities
Development and Testing

6) Storyboarding / Scriptwriting
Write interactive storyboards and character interaction scripts.

Payback- Script, which will be delivered to the Customer incrementally, for lesson-by-lesson review and sign-off.

Customer- Sign-off on/revisions to script.

Payback- ScriptWriter.

Customer- Project Lead, Subject-Matter Expert.

7) Produce Media
Produce video, create graphics, shoot photographs, record talent voices, score and record music and sound effects.


Payback- Graphic Artist, A/V Specialist, Sound/Music Specialist.

8) Produce Courseware
Assemble the courseware from XML scripts and input digital media in the Jupiter course publishing engine.

Payback- Produced, working, interactive course.

Payback- Courseware Producer.

9) Test Course
Review courseware for adherence to scripts, quality of media, and software bugs and glitches. Make appropriate corrections to the courseware.
Payback- Problem-free, bug-free course. Payback- QA/Tester, Courseware Producer.
10) Customize IntraLearn / PayMaster
The IntraLearn Web-based learning management system, or the PayMaster CD-ROM learning management system, is customized, in terms of custom fields, deciding which fields to turn on and off, and in look-and-feel.

Payback- Customized version of IntraLearn / PayMaster.

Customer- Sign-off on/final revisions on IntraLearn / PayMaster customization.

Payback- Project Manager, Designer, Graphic Artist.

Customer- Project Lead, IT Resource.

11) Write Manual(s)
Write Course Administrator's Manual and Systems Administrators Manual to describe the purpose and administration of the courseware from both training and IT perspectives.

Payback- Draft of Manuals.

Customer- Sign-off on/revisions to Manual(s).

Payback- Technical Writer

Customer- Project Lead, Subject-Matter Expert, Technical Resources

12) Beta Review of Courseware
Present tentatively finished courseware to the Customer for review.

Payback- Finished courseware.

Customer- Sign-off on/final revisions to courseware

Payback- Project Manager, Course Designer.

Customer- Project Lead, Subject Matter Expert.

13) Final Changes and Testing
Make any final changes and corrections to courseware, as surfaced in the Beta Review.

Payback- Final, revised courseware.

Customer- Final sign-off on courseware before roll out.

Payback- Project Manager, QA/Tester, Courseware Producer.

Customer- Project Lead, Subject Matter Expert.

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Project Phases Milestones Key Responsibilities

14) Test Lab Pilot at Customer Site
Bring the IntraLearn or PayMaster learning management system, bundled with the finished Jupiter-based courseware, to the Customer's central IT group and its Test Lab. Test install and configuration, verify proper enterprise-wide deployment functionality.

Payback- Delivery of bundled solution to IT corporate, participation in Test Lab testing and installation and configuration.

Customer- Testing of installation, configuration, and deployment in preparation for going "live."

Payback- Implementation Consultant.

Customer- Project Lead, Technical Resources.

15) Installation and Configuration
Install and configure the enterprise server for PayMaster, or the full web solution (using IntraLearn) on a Web server in preparation for going "live." Distribute CD-ROMs as necessary to individual end-user training sites.

Payback- Delivery of enterprise programs to IT corporate, as well as individual CD-ROM packages with documentation to each training location.

Customer- Participation in installation, configuration, and distribution of CD-ROMs and manuals.

Payback- Implementation Consultant.

Customer- Project Lead, Technical Resources.

16) Train the Trainer
Orientation of the Customer's IT staff and trainers to the interactive training and learning management software functionality and procedures. Distribute printed Manuals.
Payback- On-site trainer at Customer headquarters to provide the instruction. Printed Manuals for both Course Administrators and Systems Administrators.

Payback- Implementation Consultant.

Customer- Relevant Corporate Training and IT staff.

17) Roll Out
Begin process of implementing the training. Advertise the training and monitor.
Customer- Create understanding of, knowledge about, and enthusiasm for the training. Begin to monitor usage and results. Customer- Project Lead, Technical Resources.
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Project Phases Milestones Key Responsibilities
Evaluation and Enhancement
18) Measure ROI and Evaluate Course
Use data in the IntraLearn or PayMaster learning management system, together with other metrics that can gauge value of the courseware, to determine ROI of the training. Begin to gather feedback from end users and managers on for improvement in the courseware, in preparation for "version 2."

Payback- Participate in ROI efforts, and provide consulting on evaluation methodology.

Customer- Facilitate evaluation and ROI measurement.

Payback- Implementation Consultant.

Customer- Project Lead.

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