Characteristics of a Complete eLearning Solution

1. Assessment and curriculum design and development

  • Organizational and individual needs assessment
  • Setting competency standards of performance
  • Goal setting and incentives
  • Roadman to educational success

2. Branded educational content

  • Proven, high‑quality intellectual capital
  • Timely, relevant, and consistent information
  • Keeping fast‑changing content current, dynamic, and refreshed
  • Off the shelf and customized

3. Broad and easy access to information

  • Anyone, anytime, anywhere, any subject
  • Multiple technology‑based delivery methods
  • Synchronous and asynchronous
  • Enabling just-in-time training

4. Engaging user experience

  • Rich multimedia experience
  • Realistic simulations and role playing
  • Video‑based teaching and storytelling
  • Advice and explanations from experts/mentors
  • Animated case studies and examples

5. Regular reinforcement          

  • Personalized and/or real‑time online mentors
  • Webcasts, interviews, live events
  • Practical exercises and application
  • Facilitated workshops and discussion groups
  • Desktop advice, special events, and updated Gaming opportunities
  • Weekly newsletters and relevant attacks

6. Collaborative online communities

  • Access to fellow learners, instructors, business leaders, and experts
  • Access to system knowledge base
  • Private company and global communities

7. Centralized tracking and administration

  • Easy and automatic knowledge management
  • Tools to evaluate progress of individuals or groups
  • Assessment try to pinpoint employee needs and goals
  • Measuring return on investment

8. Scalable Technology

  • Leveraging existing open industry standards
  • Scalable to any size enterprise
  • Flexible technology to include groups of workstations or the entire organization
  • Easy integration with client's internal systems
  • Delivering media rich broadband experience

9. Organizational consulting, implementation, and integration

  • Integration with existing curriculum and training delivery system
  • HR and IT Administration training
  • Employee incentive and action programs
  • Performance reviews
  • Cultural support for self-study
  • Customized management training support
  • Behavioral change measurement and reporting


Sources: Ninth House Network and WR Hambrecht + Co

from Corporate eLearning: Exploring A New Frontier, 3/2000 (WR Hambrecht & Co.)

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