Learning About e-Learning

Having trouble keeping up with new developments in e-Learning? Here are the most lucid, on-target sources I know of. All are free.

  1. e-LearningPost provides daily pointers to “Corporate Learning, Community Building, Instructional Design, Knowledge Management, Personalization and more.”
  1. Learning Circuits, updated weekly, is the best thing ASTD has ever done.
  1. Elliott Masie’s TechLearn Trends is important because many people read it religiously.
  1. LineZine is a quarterly, online magazine. (Line = Learning in the New Economy). This is the high-class, thought-leader in the field. It’s closer to Fast Company or Harvard Business Review in orientation.
  1. If you’re also interested in knowledge management, the Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization is great. It’s also hilarious. What more could one ask for?
  1. Here’s a list of other newsletters. My recommendation? Experiment to find which ones appeal to you.

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