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Informal learning and Stoos management in four slides (Netflix)

Harold Jarche posted this to the internal Internet Time Alliance network yesterday: “Check out slides 115-118” http://www.slideshare.net/reed2001/culture-2009. I did. I was blown away.

Here ’tis:

Culture (Original 2009 version) from Reed Hastings

I’m writing the sequel to Informal Learning. Yet here, the CEO of Netflix gave most of my message four years ago in four slides. Four freaking slides. In case you don’t have time for the whole presentation, here are slides Harold recommended:

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Jay’s Informal Learning Super Deck

This deck is my starting point when I’m asked to do a presentation about informal learning. Some of these 350 slides are eight years old; most are less than 24 months.

Flip through the slides. I guarantee you’ll end knowing more

about informal learning than you did on the way in.


On my Walkabout I am experimenting with openness. I’m going to be much more open. I am narrating my work and being more transparent with my thinking. That’s one reason I just posted all my slides.

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Zany times at Corporate Learning Trends

Sometimes things go so far off the rails that all you can do is chuckle at life’s absurdity. Today at Learn Trends, I demonstrated my ability to screw up everything technical within reach.

Harold Jarche, Clark Quinn, Jane Hart, and I had planned to lead a session at noon today to explain the thinking Continue reading Zany times at Corporate Learning Trends

Mortar Rocks Park

Among my personal goals for the year were:

  • write something meaningful every day
  • learn to make short videos as easily as making a blog post

Hence, this:

If I’m right in foreseeing nuclear winter for training budgets, most of us are going to need to be able to use tech to accomplish Continue reading Mortar Rocks Park